• The Puppet Pound

    The Puppet Pound Laying Down on the Job

    It's not easy work being a puppeteer. But sometimes you get to have pillows. With Mark Huisman, Lori Nancy Kalamanski and Claire Frances Muir.

    In the Kitchen

    In The Kitchen Eatin' Sandwiches

    Puppets eat a lot more than you'd think. And they like to be filmed doing it. Weird. With Ben Deutsch and Yvonne Drebert.

    Freezing in the Park

    Freezing in the Park Why Do We Make Films in the Winter

    It's not easy to say 'puppets' when your lips are frozen. But it's super fun to lay down in the snow for an hour or so. With Mary Krohnert and Mark Huisman.

  • The Crew

    The Crew Most of Us Anyway

    Some films have crews of over 100 people. We have 6. Plus tin foil on our camera. So that's good. With Ann Tipper, Anthony Grani and Zach Melnick. Not pictured - Yvonne Drebert, Brandon Forsyth and Simon Wood.

    In the Kitchen

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Puppeteers

    Nothing worse than a grumpy puppeteer. Luckily ours are all smiles. With Ben Deutsch, Mary Krohnert, Kevin Hammond, Claire Frances Muir, Anthony Grani, Mark Huisman.

    Freezing in the Park

    A Gang of Puppets Hiding in Your Closet

    Are you sure your closet door is closed tight? Maybe check under your bed too. You wouldn't want any visitors in your sleep.

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