The puppeteers

A talented and dedicated team of wonderful people with a diverse range of talents and enough awards and performing experience between them to fill a soccer stadium. Even though experience is kind of intangible and you can't fill things with it. And to be honest, although they have won lots of awards for acting and writing and making films, it is a bit of an exaggeration to say they'd fill an entire soccer stadium. That would be like 40,000 awards. Nobody's won that many. Just a figure of speech to let you know this is a talented bunch.

Claire Frances MuirCo-Creator, Writer, Producer

I can tell Eames from Saarinen, Datura from Brugmansia and an ass from a teakettle.

Claire Frances Muir
Mark HuismanCo-Creator, Writer, Producer

I mess with words, clay and wood and make them into stuff.

Mark Huisman
Ben Deutsch Lead puppeteer

Career path: soldier-archaeologist-puppeteer-writer-something-something-galactic hero.

Ben Deutsch
lori nancy kalamanski puppeteer

LNK: actor, hooper, geocacher

Lori Nancy Kalamanski
mary krohnert puppeteer

I act, write, create, bake, and garden with good intentions.

Mary Krohnert

The Crew

Well, after that whole 'soccer stadium' debacle, we're going to be a bit more careful about the way we describe the crew. With over 60 years experience in film and television between them, they are the greatest team of filmmakers who has ever lived. Ever.

Anthony GraniDirector and Producer

Judges everyone he meets solely by their T-Shirt collection.

Anthony Grani
Yvonne DrebertProducer

I have a degree from OCAD in sculpture. That's why I'm producing a web series about puppets. Yay Art!

Yvonne Drebert
Ann Tipper Cinematographer

Cinematography is like Bingo: I'm good at it.

Ann Tipper
Zach Melnick Cinematographer

What's that? Five minute break? I'll be on the RED User Forums.

Zach Melnick
Simon Wood Composer

A composer whose music is actually much better than it sounds. Also enjoys astronomy, board games, model building, photography, really big thunderstorms and alerting the world to the dangers of Celine Dion's music.

Simon Wood
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